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Video Surfaces of China and India Fighting With Sticks and Stones at Border

China's Xi Jinping has yet to congratulate India's Narendra Modi for the election victory as tensions between the two nuclear powers simmer.

Chinese Foreign Agent was Behind New York Parade with Eric Adams, Emails Show

The findings that the CEO of a company registered as a foreign agent set up an Asian parade raises new questions over Chinese influence operations in the U.S.

China Accused of Buying Off Strategic Island Nation With Bottled Water

The Maldivian foreign ministry has denied allegations that China's donation of a million bottles of water was for the personal use of President Mohamed Muizzu.

Indian State Part of China 'Since Ancient Times,' Beijing Says

China's Defense Ministry has called India's Arunachal Pradesh part of its historical territory while accusing the U.S. of "provoking disputes."

What Is Sela Tunnel? Strategic Object Drives Wedge Between India and China

The Sela Tunnel could bar China from monitoring the Indian army's movement in the strategic Tawang region of Arunachal Pradesh.

US Wades Into China and India's Deepening Border Feud

The U.S. State Department has thrown weight behind India over its claim to the Arunachal Pradesh region as China fumes.

The Age of Humanity: How AI Can Amplify the Human Trinity

We must ponder what propels human progress as we confront climate change, social unrest, and divisive political movements.

China Responds to India Tensions With New Military Drills Near Border

China carried out a live-fire exercise in the Xinjiang Military Region as thousands of troops remain deployed along the boundary with India.

China Fumes as India's Modi Visits Contested Border

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Arunachal Pradesh to inaugurate the strategic Sela Tunnel, which has irked China.

Chinese Police Arrest Hundreds of Tibetan Protesters

Tibetan monks and local residents are protesting against the construction of a hydropower project that could destroy six monasteries.

China Doubling Construction on Small Neighbor's Land

China's new village along the border with Bhutan has doubled in size in the latter half of 2023.

China's Hacking and Spying Revealed in Bombshell Leak

Targets ranged from the U.K.'s Foreign Office to organizations connected with Tibetans and Uyghurs.

How Chinese Censorship Is Going Global–With Help From US Companies

China's vast domestic censorship is spreading abroad and challenging U.S. interests - and some U.S. firms are helping it, a report says.

Video Shows Villagers Confronting China's Soldiers at Disputed Border

Chinese soldiers tried to drive local herders away at a disputed area along the China-India border, a local official said.

China Blasts India for 'Provocations' at Border

A Chinese expert accused India of unfairly targeting Chinese companies by linking their border dispute with broader economic relations.

China Eyes Royal Family's Sacred Land in Cross-Border Grab

Fresh Chinese incursions into territory considered sacred by Bhutan's royal family poses a challenge to the small Himalayan nation.

India Honors Troops Who Repulsed Chinese Forces at Disputed Border

The Indian Army's Western Command revealed an intrusion by 40-50 Chinese soldiers during a previously unreported incident in November 2022.

India and China Try to Outbuild Each Other Amid Looming Frontier War

India is rapidly expanding infrastructure along its border with China in a quest to catch up with its northern neighbor.

China Strengthens Territorial Claim With Villages Seen From Space

China is building new settlements near the location where Chinese and Indian troops clashed late last year.

India's New Combat Drone Has One Eye on China

India continues to push for the indigenization of its drone technology as military tensions with China shape New Delhi's strategic planning.

China Builds New Highway Near India To Move Troops for Border Standoff

China's troop deployment along the border with India may become a permanent feature as new roads come up, a retired Indian Army general tells Newsweek.

Over 110 Killed After China Rocked by Powerful Earthquake

Rescuers are fighting the bitter cold in what they say is a 72-hour "golden window" to find survivors.

The 20 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Dogs with low energy levels and high trainability like golden retrievers, Chinese shar peis and whippets thrive in apartments.

China's Global Repression a Risk for the US: Commission Advising Congress

China has a toolkit to silence critics in the U.S. and worldwide, hurting countries' sovereignty, citizens' rights, and weakening law enforcement, a report says.

Satellite Images Show China Building Houses on Neighbor's Territory

New imagery shows China's ecosystem of villages coming up across the border, inside Bhutan's territory.

U.S. to Share Missile Secrets With China Under New Proposal

Officials are reportedly working on a plan to build trust on each side by creating "a reciprocal obligation" to inform each other of upcoming missile launches.

China Grabs Neighbor's Land While Negotiating Border Deal

Experts say Chinese military is deployed in one of the valleys previously controlled by Bhutan

Mass Removal of China-linked Facebook Accounts Targeting U.S.

China is the third-largest geographical source of "coordinated inauthentic behavior" online, Meta says.

Grandma's Mistake at Groomers Has Internet in Stitches: 'Who's This Dog?'

"As a groomer, you should know that that breed has ears like that," one user wrote under the video of the spaniel.

China-Watching Committee Warns US Congress About Beijing's 'Magic Weapon'

United Front is central to Xi's Chinese rejuvenation mission, a memo says

India Chides China for Bullying at Sea: 'Clear and Present Danger'

The maritime trade that goes through the South China Sea each day is vital to India's economy.

China Paid San Francisco Flag-Wavers to Greet Xi Jinping

Busses were arranged to ferry patriotic flag-wavers to San Francisco, according to an organizer.

Full List of Business Leaders Said to Have Spent $40K to Dine With Xi

Top executives splashed out to attended a reception at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

Video Captures Antony Blinken's Reaction to Biden Calling Xi a 'Dictator'

The secretary of state watched as Biden once again called the Chinese president a "dictator" following key talks between the pair.

Anti-CCP Banner Welcomes China's Xi Jinping to America

China's leader is in California to meet with President Joe Biden and the American business community at a time of economic uncertainty back home.

Five Things Biden Should Accomplish During His Meeting With Xi | Opinion

This week's meeting can be an important restart in forging an open dialogue, protecting our security and economic interests, and reassuring our allies in the region that we have their backs.

Retired Taiwan Colonel Who Spied for China Handed 20-Year Jail Sentence

The retired air force colonel had recruited active-duty Taiwanese military officers to provide confidential national security information to Beijing.

China's Air Power Grows Behind Disputed Border With India

The People's Liberation Army is building and upgrading airports and heliports in Xinjiang and other border areas, according to U.S. observers.

India Swinging Behind Israel Is Good for U.S. Too

India wasn't always close friends with Israel, but Prime Minister Modi has backed Israel in the ongoing conflict.

India Raids 'Pro-China' News Site With US Link Amid Press Freedom Scrutiny

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is under the spotlight after another raid on a news organization.

Woman Dumped 9 Dogs and Puppies in 'Sweltering Heat' Without Water: Police

Deborah Perez, 62, was arrested after the dogs were dumped in a Florida parking lot.

Never-before Seen Arc of Plasma Uncovered in Astronomy Photography Awards

Winners of the competition captured brand new discoveries out in the depths of space, as well as beautiful images of our solar system neighbors.

U.K. Parliament's China Spy Probe—What Do We Know?

A researcher arrested on suspicion of spying for China has links to the U.K. minister for Security and the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee.